St. Stefanus Blonde

It was contracted to the Van Steenberge Brewery in 1978, and was simply known as ‘Augustijn’. Because there are hundreds of Augustinian orders around the world, the name has recently changed outside of Belgium to St. Stefanus – reflecting the specific place from where our speciality beer originates.

As we age our Blonde beer, we constantly check to make sure it is maturing. Our Master Brewer holds regular tastings and will only release a batch when he decides it’s ready. Some of our Blonde ales are stored in the cellar for longer than others. This is because our brewing process allows the beer to continue maturing for up to two years. We encourage you to do the same so you can discover the different ages for yourself. St. Stefanus Blonde matures right up until you choose to open the bottle – enjoy it fresh and fruity while young or wait for the complex and aromatic flavours to mature and develop.