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Augustijn Grand Cru


Slightly less known, but according to many beer lovers without a doubt one of Brewery Van Steenberge’s best and finest beers.

STYLE Belgian golden blond monastic beer of top fermentation with secondary fermentation in the bottle or barrel.
VIEW Straw yellow with white head.
AROMA Fruity and spicy hoppy.
FLAVOUR Very full-bodied with excellent sweet-bitter balance.
INGREDIENTS Water, barley malt, sugar, rice, hops and yeast….
EBU 28
PACKAGING Bottle 33cl 75cl – Barrel 20l
ABV Alc. 9% vol. – 18° plato
HOLDING 24 months (bottle 33cl) – 36 months (bottle 75cl 1.5l 3l) 12 months (barrel)

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