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The legend of the dragon is ancient. The mythical creature’s journey begins in northern Scandinavia, on the prow of a Viking ship and, after many distant journeys, ends at the top of Ghent’s Belfry.

Gulden Draak beers have been traditionally brewed with noble hops and unique yeast varieties since 1986. Our brewers master the processes of top fermentation, natural lagering and secondary fermentation with expert mastery. Gulden Draak is a living beer and has a long-lasting flavor evolution. The brewing process consists of several stages where there is a constant need for attention, quality and passion for the beer.

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Gulden Draak
Cuvée Prestige

For our exceptional Cuvée Prestige, we allow the Gulden Draak Classic to continue aging in specially selected barrels after lagering. After aging, the beer undergoes its classic secondary fermentation with the unique and proprietary wine yeast, which will ensure a perfect balance. We can therefore safely speak here of an extra refined barleywine, a delicious and original tasting beer to be enjoyed in moderation.

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