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Gulden Draak Smoked


The creation of Gulden Draak Smoked harkens back to the time-honored tradition of drying malt: smoking malt. This provided a smoky touch to the malt which you had in the beer afterwards. This typical smoke flavor was lost over the years as drying techniques for the malt were made significantly more efficient.

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The use of smoked malt combined with Brewery Van Steenberge’s specialty gives a spectacular result: heavy quality high-fermentation beer with secondary fermentation in the bottle, christened as the Gulden Draak Smoked. The smoked malt in the recipe creates a velvety, roasted flavor in the beer.

STYLE Smoked beer.
VIEW Soft brown with an intense ruby glow. Fine head of foam, very stable.
AROMA Caramel, candy sugar, dark fruit, yeast and alcohol. A very broad and beautiful sweet base to carry the gently smoky aromas.
FLAVOUR Sweet attack, caramel, malt, raisins, candy sugar, yeast and alcohol warming. A somewhat smoky note in the finish. Bacon.
INGREDIENTS Water, barley malt, sugar, hops, yeast and caramel.
EBU 18,5
EBC 60
PACKAGING Bottle 33cl – barrel 20l
ABV Alc. 10.5% vol. – 22° plato
HOLDING 24 months (bottle 33cl) – 12 months (barrel)

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