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Van Steenberge Brewery,
6 generations of master brewers.

The brewery was founded by Jean Baptiste De Bruin, who was married to Angelina Petronella Schelfaut. After both of their deaths, the brewery passed into the hands of nephew Jozef Schelfaut. His daughter Margriet married Paul Van Steenberge, who, in addition to being a brewer, was a politician and professor. In 1919, the name Brewery Bios was adopted. Later, the establishment passed into the hands of his son Jozef Van Steenberge (1962), grandson Paul Van Steenberge (1990) and great-grandson Jef Versele (since 1998).

Specialist in live beer.

Brewery Van Steenberge is an expert in live beer. We brew high-fermentation beers like no other, using our own yeasts. We have mastered the process of natural lagering and excel especially in bottle or barrel secondary fermentation. The result: beers with long-lasting flavor evolution. We are learning and continuing to learn. We are perfecting our production processes, brewing beer in varying volumes, with guaranteed quality.

Respect knowledge and craftsmanship

The focus on the traditional brewing process combined with today’s technological means make for a rich selection of specialty beers that are highly valued at home and abroad. Unique yeast cultures, natural aging and secondary fermentation result in living beers with evolving flavors such as Augustine, Pirate, Gulden Draak, Fourchette and many more. In other words, in a good cellar you can keep them safe for a long time.

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