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Gulden Draak

A unique, Belgian craft beer that is without equal: a strong, dark tripel with secondary fermentation in the bottle. The wine yeast used for the secondary fermentation contributes to the beer’s unparalleled flavour.


Fourchette is a living beer, made from the best quality ingredients such as malt, wheat, hops and wort. Through the process of top fermentation and secondary fermentation in the bottle, we create a velvety smooth balance between gentle bitterness and pleasantly refreshing.


The historic yeast strains give Augustijn monastery beer its mild, smooth, but very rich flavour. A beer for any occasion that excels when savoured in a relaxed atmosphere.


The power of Piraat takes you on a journey through some unique flavours based on the brewery’s rich traditions. A living beer with a rich past. Set sail!


Baptist is brewed on the occasion of the opening of Bar Baptist at the Van Steenberge brewery and as a tribute to Jan Baptist de Bruyne, who founded the brewery in 1784.


Bornem is a “living” abbey beer. After its primary fermentation in the cask, it continues to evolve beautifully during its secondary fermentation in the bottle or keg.

Gentse tripel

A honey blond top fermentation beer with secondary fermentation in the bottle or in the barrel, and the beer of Ghent!


A fresh and mildly acidic old brown that goes back to the origins of brewing. A tradition reinstated.

Export 1784

A thirst-quenching beer with a soft taste

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