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Gulden Draak Classic Aged 4 Years 75cl


As March slowly leads us to the end of winter, this beer brings a touch of anticipation for the arrival of spring. With an aging of 4 years and a unique secondary fermentation with wine yeast, this living beer evolves with every sip. Taste the depth of aging with its complex flavours of caramel, roasted malt and subtle notes of coffee. Be enchanted by the timeless legend of Gulden Draak and discover why it continues to charm the world’s top beer experts.
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STYLE Dark barley wine, ruby red tripel.
VIEW Coppery brown with a ruby glow. Stable white head.
AROMA Malty-sweet undertone. dried fruits (figs) and a mild spicy touch (cloves).
FLAVOUR Full malty attack, caramel. spicy blend of fragrance. balanced. Clear presence of alcohol, but nicely carried by a solid body.
INGREDIENTS Water, barley malt, sugar, hops, yeast and caramel.
EBU 21
EBC 56
PACKAGING Bottle 75cl
ABV Alc. 10,5% vol. – 22° plato
HOLDING 36 months (75cl bottle)

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