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Marguerite now graces the roof terrace of Bar Baptist.

Graciously seated on the ledge with her gaze fixed on the future and a glass of Augustine in hand, Margriet welcomes you above the beating heart of the brewery. The placement of the effigy of Margriet Schelfaut is considered the final piece of the recent renovations.

The choice to honor and immortalize Margriet is not accidental. Margriet Schelfaut is the wife of Paul van Steenberge who took over the brewery after World War I. Margriet had inherited the brewery from her father Joseph. Thanks to Margriet, the brewery did not join a cooperative during World War II, despite her husband’s insistence. For her, entry was equivalent to sale. Because of Margriet’s determination, Brewery Van Steenberge is still sailing its independent course today.
Margriet Schelfaut symbolizes “the” woman who has played a particularly important role in the brewery’s rich history.

Artist Veerle De Vos aptly immortalizes this open, inspiring and forward-thinking woman. In all her works, Veerle puts people and life at the center. With the bronze effigy of Margriet Schelfaut, she immortalizes an iconic woman and an equally iconic beer. Veerle is the sister of architect Katrien De Vos who designed the new brewery area and Bar Baptist. Learn more about the artist and architect at and

Cheers to Margriet and to life!

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