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On Feb. 9, 2018, the second official Gulden Draak Beer House was opened in Porto in the presence of 6th generation brewer Jef Versele.

Gulden Draak Bierhuis is a total experience concept for the Gulden Draak lover and by extension the lover of all Van Steenberge specialty beers.

Inside, you are completely immersed in the Gulden Draak atmosphere by the Gulden Draak taps, the exclusive aging cabinets, the murals, the custom lighting and glassware, …. The “Gulden Draak around the World” wall is also an eye-catcher. Here you can see in which countries (more than 65!) the Gulden Draak is currently sold. At the Gulden Draak Beer House you find yourself at the crossroads between the history and the future of the Brewery in Ertvelde. At the Gulden Draak Beer House, you can taste the 6 generations of brewing passion in your glass.

Van Steenberge Brewery’s goal is to open at least 3 new establishments every year. Currently, negotiations are underway for Rome, Singapore, Hong Kong, Argentina and the United States. The first Gulden Draak Beer House in Prague celebrated its first anniversary at the end of 2016.

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