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Hopspot, that’s a harmony of flavors and stories, where homemade seasonal beer flows richly. A place to settle down, pour, celebrate and experience.


We don’t brew for no reason: passion and love for local can be tasted in every beer. Did you know that we grow the hops for our beers ourselves in the field surrounding Hopspot? Pretty wise, right! We keep the entire production process in-house to brew 100% local, characterful beers. This way, your beer ends up in your glass via the shortest route, where it stays fresh until the last sip.


Flavors of the past. Our brasserie is the casual playground of chefs Killian and Toma who will make your taste buds dance with local delicacies. Behind the stove of the open kitchen, this duo does its thing: they effortlessly translate the flavors of the past into contemporary plates, with a dose of daring. Their beer keg is bubbling over with inspiration! Magical vegetables, herbs, honest meat, tubers and cabbages, … with the intense flavor of days gone by and a nod to beer.


Just walk in and tchin tchin! By tasting, smelling and experiencing you will find out what makes our home-brewed beers so special. It’s all possible in our café, a pleasant place with pleasant chatter where Hopspot beers flow straight from the beer tanks into your glass.

Awakening among the hop fields

Here the beds are soft and the experience unique. Add to this our all-day Hopspot Cafe and you instantly have the perfect breakfast waiting for you smiling. We’ll even spread your sandwiches, if we have to. Just like home, but even better!

Discover Hopspot.

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