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Fourchette glass – Gift Pack


Fourchette springs where two passions meet: the refined tastes of top chefs and the knowledge of six generations of master brewers.

Fourchette is a living beer, made from the best raw materials: malt, wheat, hops, wort, … Through the process of top fermentation and secondary fermentation in the bottle, we create a velvet balance between mildly bitter and pleasantly refreshing.

STYLE Blonde full-bodied multigrain tripel.
VIEW Pale Blonde
AROMA Softly bitter, pleasantly refreshing.
FLAVOUR Pleasantly bitter, notes of citrus, grapefruit, coriander.
INGREDIENTS Water, barley malt, wheat, sugar, hops, yeast and rice.
EBU 22
PACKAGING Bottle 33cl, 75cl 1.5l – barrel 20l
ABV Alc. 7.5% vol. – 16° plato
HOLDING 24 months (bottle 33cl) – 36 months (bottle 75cl 1.5l 3l) 12 months (barrel)

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