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Brewery Van Steenberge is expanding the Gulden Draak family with the Gulden Draak Smoked. The heavy, dark smoked beer with secondary fermentation in the bottle is the perfect addition to the already existing range. You can find this newest beer at your favorite, Belgian beer retailer starting Nov. 16.

Gulden Draak beers have been traditionally brewed with noble hops and unique yeast varieties since 1986. Our brewers master the process of high fermentation, natural lagering and secondary fermentation with expert mastery. As a result, Gulden Draak is known as a living beer and has a long-lasting flavor evolution.

For the creation of the Gulden Draak Smoked, it goes back to the time-honored tradition of drying malt: smoking malt. This provided a smoky touch to the malt which you had in the beer afterwards. This typical smoke flavor was lost over the years as drying techniques for the malt were made significantly more efficient. The use of smoked malt combined with Brewery Van Steenberge’s specialty gives a spectacular result: heavy quality high-fermentation beer with secondary fermentation in the bottle, christened as the Gulden Draak Smoked. The smoked malt in the recipe creates a velvety, roasted flavor in the beer.

Jef Versele, CEO and 6th generation brewmaster: ” I found my inspiration for making this beer in the traditional “rauchbieren” from Bamberg. You can find these beers internationally, hence our conviction that for brewery Van Steenberge, with an international image, this “type” of specialty beer should certainly not be missing. “Knowing that with the Gulden Draak Smoked we are operating in a niche market, we are confident that we have succeeded in putting something special on the Belgian beer market. We are convinced that with this permanent edition within the Gulden Draak family, we will charm many beer lovers and revive smoked beer with its unique and distinctive taste.

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